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TRIGO's ESG report

TRIGO's ESG report 2023

TRIGO is committed to a responsible and sustainable approach and to taking social and environmental concerns into account in its activities, with a clear conscience.  

critical suppliers in automotive TRIGO
  • Professional article
  • 12 Dec 2023
TRIGO ESG risk assessment solution
  • Press relations
  • 7 Dec 2023

TRIGO's ESG risk assessment identifies risks across the supply chain for manufacturers and their suppliers.  Unique approach: Combining self-assessment with on-site verification for a more accountable and reliable ESG

 TRIGO Group announces its partnership with ACC Group, a European developer of modules for automotive vehicles.
  • Press relations
  • 8 Nov 2023

The TRIGO Group, a global leader in quality inspection, consulting, and engineering services for the transportation industry, announces its partnership with ACC Group, 

A szakmaiság tevékenységeinkben és a mindennapokban is fontos hitvallásunk.
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  • 26 Oct 2023

Professionalism is our creed, important in our activities and in everyday life.