On the week of November 16–22, 2015 companies all over Europe mobilized their networks, in order to foster equal employment. TRIGO France has joined the initiative, and committed to facilitate the employment of people living with disabilities. 


“As a network of professionals of 4 continents and more than 20 countries, TRIGO’s policy has always targeted to promote cultural diversity. Diversity, however, is not only defined by geographies and local cultures, but also by people—and individual identities. We were happy to follow the guidelines of the European Disability Employment Week, and to actually develop and implement actions steps to promote equal chances,” said Bénédicte Bossavie, TRIGO France’s HR Manager.


TRIGO has committed to the cause by:


  • organizing and providing disability awareness and sensitization trainings for the management and operational teams;

  • providing long-term career opportunities for the handicapable;

  • reworking work station, in order to create a more disability-friendly environment.


TRIGO is a group based on human values. TRIGO’s employees believe that the assets of suitability and team spirit are essential for the company’s success. TRIGO’s positions are open for all profiles.


To learn more about TRIGO’s engagement in the European Disability Employment Week, visit our social media sites on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.