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Rail, Naval & Marine

Leveraging TRIGO’s extensive expertise in the aerospace and automotive industry over the past 30+ years, we are poised to deliver the solutions you need to address the toughest quality challenges within your supply chain. 




The rail industry continues to grow each year as more travelers use these modern services because of their ease, safety and comfort.  Rail offers a cost-effective way to transport hundreds and thousands of individuals from one place to another whether for work or pleasure.


It is therefore our priority to assist rail manufacturers of rail and train components to ensure that quality products and services continue to be delivered to the industry every day. 


The railway segment has been a focus for TRIGO for many years and trusted to provide customers with a comprehensive portfolio of quality services. 


Naval and Marine


The naval and marine industry has a long and proud history that continues to invest in new and innovative technologies.  The complex engineering, design, fabrication and assembly of a broad range of parts, components, systems, and vessels for commercial and military application requires the strictest adherence to regulations and standards.   Those manufacturers who build warships and naval vessels, including submarines, work with a vast array of advanced manufacturers in key areas, such as artificial intelligence, batteries, electrical and electronics, sensors and sensing systems, propulsion, pumps, valves, wiring, cables and connectors to name a few.


TRIGO is a proud service provider to the naval and marine industry with experienced teams to lead quality initiatives as the industrial marine industry moves toward higher value and more sophisticated segments of the market.  TRIGO is ready and available to provide their quality assurance expertise. 


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