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The Innovation Roadshow in Asia

We are happy to announce that some exciting and highly anticipated training sessions of the AOI solution as well as promising client’s events took place last week in Asia! 


Organized by Augustin Brochot, VP of Innovation of Strategic Ventures, the Asian Innovation Champions gathered to explore the cutting-edge capabilities of the tool Spark. Spark is the main product of Scortex, a technology startup, acquired by TRIGO last year, focused on deploying artificial intelligence in factories to automate and digitize quality inspections. Scortex CEO and founder Aymeric de Pontbriand joined the event.


TRIGO Indian Training Innovation


This event brought together a diverse group of people from TRIGO India and TRIGO China, all eager to gain a comprehensive understanding of Spark and its potential applications. The Innovation team spared no effort in creating an engaging and interactive learning environment, providing hands-on experiences and real-world examples to facilitate effective learning.



During the training, the AOI specialists immersed themselves in a series of workshops, discussions, and practical exercises. These activities were designed to foster collaboration, encourage the exchange of ideas among participants and collectively push boundaries of innovation. 


TRIGO China Innovation Training Session


The event was not just limited to the internal training session itself. It also included some client’s event where our team got the chance to discuss business opportunities and make Spark demos.

One session was organized with 3 customers in China and 2 more sessions took place with up to 32 customers!

Through lively debates and brainstorming sessions, the clients explored the various ways Spark could be leveraged to drive innovation throughout their activities.


As the training session ended, the AOI specialists left with a renewed sense of enthusiasm. Equipped with a deep understanding of Spark and armed with the experiences gained during the event, they were ready to explore new possibilities, tackle complex challenges, and drive transformative change within their local activities.