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TRIGO appointed as a production partner by Tevva

TRIGO, the leading provider of quality management solutions and manufacturer support to OEMs and non-OEMs, has been recruited by Tevva as part of the company’s final development of its EV and dual-energy HGVs.

Key to Tevva’s growth is its pioneering software development tested during real-time usage that ensures road-use efficiencies that will be integral to driving down fleet-running costs.


TRIGO’s primary goal is to support Tevva with its product development and to ensure that Tevva has a seamless supply chain infrastructure matched to the substantial volumes rolling off the production lines in 2023 and beyond.

Neil Endley, Global Director, Consulting and Engineering for TRIGO, toured Tevva’s new production facilities at Tilbury where he witnessed how the company is developing its range of pure electric and dual hydrogen fuelled 7.5 and 16 tonne lorries. 


The tour included seeing the in-house battery development and production and how Tevva had developed and incorporated hydrogen fuel cells as range extending power to help further boost the lorries’ performance. 

Neil Endley (left), TRIGO Advanced Services’ Global Director and Chair of the organisations’ eMobility Strategic Global Development Steering Group with Peter Domeney, Chief Operating Officer for Tevva (right).


Commenting on his visit, Neil said: Tevva are pioneers. The technology developed by the teams there is industry leading and TRIGO is just proud to be involved in the journey. What Tevva is doing by combining electric power with hydrogen fuel to ensure real-world range ability to match that of traditional combustion engines is ground-breaking and it’s exciting to be part of.”


Neil added: “TRIGO has long had an established global network of support underpinning the OEM tier one and two manufacturing supply chains. However, in early 2020, we recognised the necessity to diversify our offering to the EV sector and today I am proud to say, we have a truly global support network in place where we are offering a product development service to the leading vehicle manufacturing OEMS.”


Peter Domeney, Chief Operating Officer for Tevva, said: “We have been working tirelessly developing the right product to deliver faultlessly for our customers. We have long recognised the necessity to get things right, first time, but what we are developing, pure zero-emission lorries that need to meet the rigours and demands fleet users expect is ground-breaking. Partnering with Trigo is yet another major piece of that puzzle to ensure our product and technology development is seamless and ensures we meet our own production delivery demands.”

Notes to Editors:

Founded in 1997, TRIGO is a multinational company providing operational Quality Management solutions for the manufacturing sector, especially in the automotive and aerospace industries.


With a team of more than 10,000 professionals present in 25 countries across four continents, TRIGO offers a comprehensive portfolio of Quality Assurance services ranging from inspection to expert auditing, consulting and training.


Neil Endley formed Bridge Group in September 2006 which was acquired by TRIGO in 2017.  As a fully integrated element of TRIGO, its “Bridge Turnaround Management” division is now known as Advanced Services which delivers success for its clients through fully integrated solutions including Operational Excellence Supplier Technical Assistance, Project Management and Business Process Improvement.


About Tevva:

“We do technology because it matters and makes a difference to humanity.”
Tevva is a hydrogen electric truck company with a spectrum of options for zero-emission medium to heavy-duty trucks.  Our revolutionary hydrogen fuel-cell range extension technology allows our vehicles to do all the work of a diesel, with total peace of mind about cost, range and environmental impact.


Tevva is leading the electric charge to zero-emission freight and urban logistics.  We have vehicles on the road already, getting the job done, and are focused on optimising green hydrogen solutions as part of our proposition.

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