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TRIGO launches a unique ESG risk assessment solution to support the transportation industry.

TRIGO Group, the global leader in quality management for the automotive, aerospace, rail and heavy transportation industries, is launching an ESG risk assessment offer to identify Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks along the supply chain for manufacturers and their suppliers.

This unique offer will help manufacturers choose their suppliers more efficiently while reducing risks.


 ESG risk assessment solution


Contrary to most companies, who rely largely on self-assessment, TRIGO fosters greater accountability, by offering a more comprehensive approach combining self-assessment with on-site verification. By thus assuring double assessment, TRIGO Group ensures a more reliable ESG audit methodology.


For this offering, TRIGO will assess risks arising from carbon emissions, the consumption of water, energy and hazardous materials, as well as the efficiency of waste management and recycling systems used by the audited suppliers. This audit-based risk assessment will be carried out without self-assessment on the part of the audited suppliers. Suppliers’ social responsibility, the health and safety of the employees, as well as the absence of illegal or abusive work environments will be examined. Finally, management practices and processes will be assessed to ensure suppliers adhere to ethical standards.



Better control on the carbon footprint to increase safety and efficiency


Companies face the dual challenge of selecting suppliers and reducing systemic risks, while ensuring that their choices are cost effective and compliant with international norms. The dilemma is particularly acute in the manufacturing sector. TRIGO aims to help resolve it by contributing to the global ESG audit market estimated at hundreds of millions of euros.  


“We aim to provide a concrete ESG response, adapted to the objectives and commitments of industry leaders, in order to reduce their risks and to equip them with all the tools they need to make the right choices, both in strategic and ethical terms”, explains Matthieu Rambaud, CEO of TRIGO Group.


The ESG audit offering builds upon TRIGO’s eponymous Action Plan to help the transportation sector reduce its emissions.


Industry know-how - trusted by global leaders


Leading manufacturers and equipment suppliers already trust TRIGO to help evaluate and guide decisions towards maximizing industrial efficiency. As an example, TRIGO’s consulting services recently accompanied a new OEM in the launch of a vehicle, and reduced dysfunction linked to the integration of a new supplier by 70%. Such consulting services play a major role in transforming habits and behaviours. For instance, Stellantis trusts TRIGO with auditing their Tier 1 suppliers on their premises, thus guaranteeing the proper deployment of its enhanced requirements.


TRIGO has a robust expertise in both the analysis and the evaluation of quality risks for manufacturers along their supply chain. With hundreds of audits conducted annually, the Group is renowned in the automotive and aerospace industries for its products and systems audits on behalf of both OEMs and suppliers. At TRIGO we see ESG as an efficiency and sustainability opportunity rather than a constraint for suppliers. Therefore, I am pleased that TRIGO is now complementing its expertise from industrial quality and efficiency into supplier sustainability.” says Benoit Leblanc, TRIGO deputy CEO.


TRIGO is the global leader in Quality management services for the automotive, aerospace, rail and heavy transportation industries. With 10,000 employees in 26 countries, TRIGO offers a complete portfolio of services throughout the supply chain, ranging from inspection of productions to auditing, consulting, engineering and training. TRIGO develops technology solutions based on artificial intelligence, virtual reality, battery management and data analysis.