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Dear Clients, Partners,


We would like to inform you of a significant change in the life of our company. As part of our ongoing commitment to growth, TRIGO Qualitaire GmbH is becoming TRIGO AEROSPACE, DEFENSE & RAIL GERMANY.





Why such a change?

This decision comes from the necessity to unify our brands under one TRIGO brand to make our activities more identifiable and our brand more powerful.

The TRIGO brand has indeed been reshaped in 2022, conveying an updated mission “We deploy quality solutions which optimize manufacturing and supply chain performance, globally”, as well as a purpose: “Quality is essential for manufacturing performance and sustainability”.
In addition, this new name better reflects our company's activities, while meeting our visibility and brand awareness challenges. In a particularly dynamic and rapidly evolving aerospace market, this will better reflect our expanding market presence, our service portfolio and will highlight our operations.


What will this change for you?

From now on, our new contracts will be issued and signed off with our new company name.

Therefore, we are kindly asking you to take into account our new name “TRIGO AEROSPACE, DEFENSE & RAIL GERMANY” in your systems and sales software.

Simultaneously, please note that some of our legal documents, like bills or registration certificates will also use the TRIGO ADR Germany GmbH naming.

While our name is evolving, we would like to ensure that TRIGO AEROSPACE, DEFENSE & RAIL remains unchanged in terms of management and ownership structure. Nor have we altered our values, strategic focus and target market. Our quality management services, current projects and ways of working won’t be affected. And finally, our emails addresses and phone numbers remain unchanged, as well as existing contracts and agreements.

To ensure a seamless transition in this implementation, you will find some Questions & Answers down below for further information. Please, don’t hesitate to email or call us should you have additional questions.

We look forward to embracing with you this exciting new chapter as TRIGO AEROSPACE, DEFENSE AND RAIL GERMANY!



1)    What are the reasons for this decision? 

The company changed its name as part of a branding unification strategy for TRIGO. The new name of the company will be from now on TRIGO AEROSPACE, DEFENSE AND RAIL GERMANY. This name has been chosen to better explain our activities to our audiences/stakeholders.


2)    Are there any changes in the company's management or ownership structure? 

There aren’t any changes related to the company’s management nor ownership.


3)    Are there any changes in the company's mission, vision, or values following the name change? 

There aren’t any changes related to the company’s mission, vision or values following the name change.


4)    Does the name change mean a change in strategic direction or target market for the company? 

No changes in the organization and structure are planned.


1)    Will the quality of our services be affected by this change?

The name change has no consequences on the quality of our services nor the dedication of our teams to provide their contribution to the current and future missions in your plants.


2)    How will the name change affect ongoing projects or collaborations with the company? 

The name change will not affect ongoing projects or collaborations with the company. On the contrary, it will help make the company’s activities more identifiable and unified under one name.


1)    How does the name change affect existing contracts or agreements with the company?

Regarding existing contracts and agreements, they will not change. However, from now on new contracts will be issued and signed off as TRIGO ADR Germany GmbH. 


2)    Should clients update the new names in the systems to reflect the new company name? 

Yes, for new contracts signed off, we will ask you to please take into account this new name in your systems and sales software accordingly.


1)    Will the company's contact information, such as email addresses or phone numbers, change following the name change? 

Email addresses nor phones numbers remain unchanged.

2)    Will the company's brand identity, including logos and marketing materials, be affected at the same time as the name change? 

While email addresses will remain unchanged, other communication materials however will need to be updated (pay slips, invoices, stationary …).



1)    How will the company ensure a smooth transition during the name change process to minimize disruptions or confusion? 

As of the 8th of May, our new contracts will be issued with TRIGO ADR Germany GmbH. All our commercial documents and communications will be also adapted accordingly in the following weeks. You will recognize TRIGO AEROSPACE, DEFENSE & RAIL as our marketing brand as well.