On October 3rd-4th, TRIGO Spain participated in the XXIV Quality Congress event dedicated to the automotive sector. Organized by AEC in Pamplona, the event gathered more than 300 actors from the automotive supply chain both domestically and internationally. The topics circulated around the subject, the 4.0 automotive industry.

As a partner of the Spanish Association for Quality (AEC), TRIGO Spain actively participated in the event, led by Gemma Garcia, RRII Manager of TRIGO Spain, and Marcel Cremades, Director of TRIGO Spain. A day before the official event, the city council of Pamplona hosted a reception for the organizing committee chaired by the First Deputy Mayor and the President of AEC. Relevant figures in the automotive sector and government regions attended, including TRIGO.


Various discussions were held regarding the numerous changes the automotive sector is currently facing. Brainstorming sessions were held with many players, including from the OEM and supplier sides, HR companies and quality companies. Other companies that joined us included Volkswagen, Benteler, Seat, Bosch, Mercedes Benz, AENOR, Sernauto, and more.

The program shared discussions and best practices such as:

  • New mobility means
  • Growing opportunities  
  • Success cases
  • Talent management
  • Operational capabilities
  • Logistics, from local to global
  • Digital transformation (autonomous car, connected car, 5G, etc.)

The event closed with a visit through the Volkswagen plant located in Navarra. The plant is fully committed to solving new challenges and initiating specific projects like CSR, Think Blue, training and educational activities.

As Volkswagen Navarra’s quality partner since July 2019, TRIGO benefited from not only participating in this important event, but for also being known as a trusted partner of the biggest quality organization in Spain.

The next event is set to be sponsored by TRIGO Spain and organized by AEC: Practical Experience Day – Quality 4.0. For more info: https://www.aec.es/eventos/eventos-aec/jornada-experiencias-practicas-4-0/