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Our environmental approach

TRIGO has taken and continues to take steps to reduce our carbon footprint. The way energy is used and waste better managed, are steps to reduce the level of the pollution produced and reducing the utilisation of natural resources. TRIGO’s environmental policies and our ability to mitigate any environmental risks is one of our key priorities. 

Several environmental policies were introduced to comply with worldwide standards.

Paperless initiatives are in process. In many cases, they have been entirely replaced with technological advancements in the areas of operations and subsequently have increased the productivity of our company’s operational resources. 


Three French sites, representative of the Group’s main activities have carried out a CO2 footprint assessment: i) Nanterre Headquarters, ii) Mulhouse automotive site, and iii) Toulouse aeronautic site.

The results are interesting as they show that while the building surfaces are the most carbon consuming in PSA plant in Mulhouse with up to 79%, it is the commute to work that stands out the most in Airbus plant in Toulouse with up to 94 % and employee’s travels with up to 57% for the Headquarters in Nanterre.

environment policy at TRIGO

•    Environemental policy 

Based on the ISO: 14001 framework, we assessed its main environmental impacts and defined an environmental policy with four priorities:
i)    Implementing an energy management system,
ii)    Reducing paper consumption,
iii)    Reducing CO2 emissions 
iv)    Implementing recycling processes.

a.     In 2021, Hungary, Spain, Germany, Romania and France have begun certification processes. We rolled-out trainings and internal communication to raise employee awareness on the environmental policy and initiatives. 

b.    Green Teams in France, Spain, Germany and North America continued to work locally on implementing eco-friendly initiatives. 


• Deploy the carbon footprint assessment methodology at Group level 
• Reduce GHG emissions to meet the Group’s science-based targets
• Reduce paper consumption in operations by leveraging digital solutions. We aim to have 50% of our processes in digital solutions in 2023. 
• Reduce environmental impact of back-offices by deploying in all subsidiaries the Green team’s model. 
• Achieve the ISO: 14001 certifications for Hungary, Spain, Germany, Romania and France.


All of TRIGO’s missions are recorded and monitored via our ETRAQ software system that guarantees the quality of the services we provide.


ETRAQ Software by TRIGO for paperless data entry


This centralized web-based ERP system stores, synchronises and manages all mission-related customer data. As part of our environmental initiatives to reduce paper, we have introduced our Paperless Data Entry module and continue to deploy country by country.


Once fully implemented in all locations, this would allow the complete removal of various paper forms (mission timesheet & traceability) which are typically used by our inspectors to report their daily activity on containment services.

Paperless Data Entry has already been rolled out within 10 countries for a total of 60 permanent sites around the globe and utilised by over 800 users.


Protect your planet from the office!

On the professional scale, we decided to unify our actions to step forward and be stronger. We decided to act locally to contribute to the global. Therefore, we are encouraging our subsidiaries to deploy in all subsidiaries the Green teams model implemented in the HQ in Nanterre to reduce environmental impact of back-offices.

We are convinced that small actions can lead to bigger ones. So first we decided to engage our colleagues in day-to-day steps that at the end, make us evolve surely (printing, light…)

Think green ESG report TRIGO 2023

Print responsibly actions are displayed in TRIGO China/Germany/India.

We also tend to avoid using plastic in all our offices, privileging the use of glasses, plates and metal cutlery in free access in the kitchen.