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TRIGO employment centre

The TRIGO Employment Centre was created in March 2022 in Spain and has been very active so far with the qualification of 2 centres in less than 6 months (one in Madrid and the other in Sevilla). Those centres are about to receive the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.


Office TRIGO in Spain

Those centres provide innovative solutions meeting the quality challenges faced by global manufacturing companies along the entire value chain in Spain. They employ people with disabilities and focus on their integration.

Almudena Menchen’s team, Special Employment Centre Manager, is very committed to several objectives:

1.    The social and labour integration of people with disabilities as well as offering global solutions of industrial quality. Therefore, the team attended a large number of events and conferences to support the development and outreach of this brand-new entity within TRIGO Spain 

TRIGO employment centre

2.    With a team composed of more than 90% of people with disabilities, Spanish workers are also committed to continuous and personalised training, personal and professional development, and QUALITY work. They have carried out some communication support to raise awareness on this subject to companies in the industrial sector


TRIGO employment centre in Spain