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TRIGO Mexico partner with the Mexican Childhood Anticancer Alliance

TRIGO Mexico works with the Mexican Childhood Anticancer Alliance in a recycling program that raises money to support child cancer treatment. 


Our employees are encouraged to deposit recyclable material in provided containers at our various sites. We then coordinate the shipping of that material to the charity who in-turn, sells the material in bulk. 


As a result, TRIGO has provided enough recyclable material to support two full courses of chemotherapy for children since our work began in 2019. 


We are especially proud that we are helping our community and at the same time promoting an important recycling initiative across our sites” commented Fernando Macias, TRIGO Mexico’s General Manager. “It is important to TRIGO as an organization and to me personally that we look for ways to give back locally and support sustainable initiatives.”

For more info about this initiative, please contact: