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TRIGO Americas, as part of their “Think Green” initiative, distributed hundreds of reusable aluminium tumblers to salaried staff in Canada, USA, Mexico and Brazil.

The campaign was intended to reduce the team’s use of disposable plastic or Styrofoam drink cups. According to research, the average worker produces around 2.9 lbs of waste during an 8-hour working day. One simple way to reduce this waste is by ditching single-use water bottles and coffee cups. 

The card explaining the campaign was printed on recycled paper with seeds (dill, thyme, oregano, parsley, chives, and basil) embedded in it, so the user could plant the card and grow their own herbs at home.

The teams had a great time comparing what grew as a result. 


TRIGO's team lauchs "think green & grow"

From Team Mexico: “We have not used disposable cups since the day we received our tumblers!

Total tumblers purchased and distributed in USA, Canada, Mexico: 200.

Brazil ordered and distributed their own due to shipping issues