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  • 7 Nov - 8 Nov 2019
  • Add to Calendar 2019-11-07 01:00:00 2019-11-08 01:00:00 World Quality Day Conference From November 07th - 08th, Attila Vass, Global Director of Consulting and Auditing Services at TRIGO, gives a presentation in the 25th International Quality Conference. Strbske Pleso Slovakia Trigo Europe/Berlin public

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Since the beginning of the 21st century, the vehicle and transportation industry has been experiencing a substantial transition on the market side as well as on the technological side. Factors including speed, cost, environmental protection, safety, and time utilization are shifting the current vehicle transport portfolio to a more diverse solution that contains electrification or hybrid solutions, autonomous vehicles, mobility sharing and connected (or communicating) cars with increasing software content. All of these aspects are influencing R&D, Design Development and production technology.


The industry and related technologies are experiencing modernization: robotization, agile machining, assembly processes, communicating machines, augmented reality, location detection technologies, smart sensors, and big data analysis -- just a few elements that are defined by the Industry 4.0.


As a consequence of these transformations, the supply base and supply chain is changing rapidly and significantly. The role of Tier 1 suppliers in terms of integrity, safety, compliance, and regulation is increasing, therefore, the OEM’s task to select the right Tier 1 to collaborate with during the entire vehicle life cycle is crucial, more than ever. Tier 1’s role to manage the sub-suppliers is becoming even more substantial.


The theories of automotive core quality tools, supplier selection, development, and APQP management need some improvement by implementing more accurate, permanent and simultaneous data collection and analysis with prompt and appropriate intervention.


TRIGO, utilizing its global presence with a highly skilled staff is providing a comprehensive service portfolio by using a Dynamic Risk Management, which includes:

  • Supplier Selection and Assessment,
  • Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP),
  • Safe Launch and
  • Supplier Development


Attila Vass, Global Director of Consulting and Auditing Services at TRIGO, gives a presentation sharing the current trends of quality management. Don't miss the chance to keep up with what is happening now in the automotive industry!