Controlling your Electric Vehicles’ parts is essential to guarantee the customer satisfaction. 


TRIGO has been providing quality services for the Automotive Industry for over 20 years. During this time, we have supported our customers in multiple challenges of this market. Our close partnership with OEMs and suppliers around the world empowers our teams’ know-how, aligned with the industry’s biggest advances. 

In Turkey, for example, our local team has been working hand in hand with eMobility parts and solutions providers, bringing our great added-value on Controlling, Containment, Reflashing and Engineering activities to our electrified customers. 


Discover some of our local missions related to Electric Vehicles! 


Since December 2019, TRIGO has been providing Resident Engineering services for a battery pack manufacturer. Analyses, diagnosis, and trials are provided to control this high voltage electrical product! 

Our customer delivers 48 Volts battery packs for an OEM’s electric vehicle. In 2019, TRIGO has been contacted to support the supplier with Resident Engineering services. Since then, an Electrical Engineer fully dedicated to this mission has been providing TRIGO’s historical expertise to deliver exceptional services.

Today, due to the battery pack’s management risks, safety measures have been put in place, and TRIGO became one of the only partners trusted to handle this product. 


A Telematic Control Unit is an embedded hardware and software system, installed in the vehicle. It connects the car wirelessly to the cloud, other vehicles and to infrastructure services. 

TRIGO Turkey team has been requested by a supplier to control TCU units for an OEM’s electrical vehicle, directly in the OEM’s site laboratory. 

In order to control these parts, a high temperature was needed: under high temperatures, the failed units automatically reset and communication fails. Therefore, a special controlling methodology has been applied on the TCUs before control - the parts were heated in a dedicated oven, under laboratory conditions. The TRIGO team, composed of 2 Quality Engineers and 1 Team Leader, controlled over 100 modules during the mission, and the ones that had electronic failures were found and separated. 


Another project related to Electric Vehicles in Turkey is the Engineering support delivered to a provider of automotive parts, for the launch and delivery of a subframe product in the country. 

A subframe is a structural component of a vehicle. Important mechanisms of the vehicle as its engine or suspension are attached on this part. This piece has a fundamental role in the vehicle’s final quality, as its structure influences the car’s stability during a ride. On Electric Vehicles, the subframe has a different structure, as it also hosts and protects the battery. Therefore, the part also plays a great role on the vehicle’s safety.

As the automotive supplier launched its first missions in Turkey, our Resident Engineering services have been requested to support their launch in the country and ensure a good implementation of their products in an OEM plant. Therefore, TRIGO has been providing Resident Engineering support dedicated to this Electric Vehicle part.

During our Resident Engineering services, our team acts as the interface between the supplier and the OEM. Some of our missions are: 

  • Follow up the usage of the subframe product in OEM’s production line, checking its assemble results;
  • Follow up possible claims from the OEM’s side on the part’s quality;
  • Report the quantity of parts assembled per day;
  • Provide communications support between all the parts and share quality reports with the supplier.  


TRIGO delivers dedicated solutions to Electric Vehicles thanks to our wide experience in the Industry. Contact our teams to know more!