As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unravel and impact countries around the world, governments, businesses, and individuals alike face a growing number of challenges. One of these challenges includes providing the necessary PPE so that our front-line health care workers can assist those in need, without jeopardizing their own health.

3D Printing Technology in the Fight Against COVID-19


As medical frontline professionals are working tirelessly to respond to critical needs during this time, numerous stories about volunteers supporting this fight are emerging.

TRIGO’s own 3D printing story comes from Budapest, Hungary. During the last few weeks, a manager of the TRIGO Metrology division, Tibor Brányik, started producing face shield so desperately needed by the medical community.



Tibor in shield



Tibor Brányik's Story 


Initially, a manager from TRIGO Global Marketing, Fatima Kazár, discovered a Hungarian Facebook group for 3D printing volunteering against the pandemic. Knowing TRIGO Metrology has 3D printing capabilities, the online Facebook group was sent over to Tibor. While in home quarantine but fortunately with a 3D printer, Tibor recognized the needs of communities via the Facebook group and started producing protective face shields right away.


At a time of self-distancing and quarantine, the virtual community collaborates online using tools such as Google Sheets to organize its operation. All produced on a volunteer basis, 3D printed equipment is being shipped to groups including local hospitals.


The transfer of knowledge from one colleague to another, and the contribution of skills for the greater good, are both prime examples of strong community engagement and spirit.


Tibor shared:


“When I first joined the online group, there were about 200 members. In ten days, membership has grown to the thousands. Through social media, we could connect our resources and capacities to do this kind of operation. Most recently, the group administrator collected the finished pieces. I was able to contribute 35 pieces and our group achieved 500 total finished pieces. That’s 500 protected people. It’s a great feeling.”



3D printing shields


The local 3D printing community plans to produce 5,000+ more face shields, with half of them met already.