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New supplier assessment audit and QSB + certification support to PSA

French automotive OEM, PSA entrusted TRIGO to conduct New Supplier Assessment Audits and to provide Quality Systems Basics (QSB+) certification support for their suppliers.

In order to increase the capacity of PSA’s internal assessment team, TRIGO will train and audit the OEM’s suppliers in Europe. When a new supplier wants to be part of PSA’s panel or an old one competes to a new business allocation, they need to approach TRIGO in order to undergo the required assessment / training. As the results of the assessment are sent to PSA, the OEM decides on certifying the supplier. Certifications need to be renewed in every 3 years.

With 20+ years of audit and training experience, TRIGO’s WE Automotive TreQ Manager Laurent Defer will be responsible for the management of these missions.

“According to the agreement, TRIGO will evaluate suppliers by implementing the organization diagnosis tool of New Supplier Audits. At the same time, we will also offer Quality Standard Basics training and certification support to suppliers as per the OEM’s suggestions. This, we believe, is a milestone as all suppliers, both new and old ones, are concerned when launching a new project. We are extremely proud that the scope of the mission will cover both Eastern and Western Europe,” explained Laurent Defer.


Laurent Defer
Automotive TreQ Manager