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TRIGO and SERNAUTO to develop Training and Quality Tools

The Spanish Association of Equipment and Component Manufacturers for the Automotive industry (SERNAUTO) and TRIGO Group, leading operational Quality Management solution provider, has recently signed an agreement to promote, in a joint way, actions regarding training and quality management services, among others.


The main function of SERNAUTO is to deliver professional trainings for its partners and for the automotive sector in general. Moreover, SERNAUTO is the official representative of the German Association of the Automotive Industry’s Quality Management Center (VDA QMC) in Spain. Thanks to its position, SERNAUTO offers training courses and VDA qualifications for the Spanish automotive industry with fully qualified trainers and accredited examiners.


TRIGO Group is offering a comprehensive range of corrective and preventive Quality inspection and management services, Quality engineering services, audits, trainings and also offers Quality advice. TRIGO is present in the automotive, aerospace, railway and other heavy transportation industries, however, its roots are in the automotive industry serving more than 400 automobile factories across the globe.


According to the newly signed agreement, this collaboration will allow TRIGO and SERNAUTO to develop particular tools, products and custom-made trainings to the partners of SERNAUTO. Services that will be developed jointly will focus not only on the technical, but on the management aspect as well.


Within the framework of this new agreement, TRIGO is becoming an official partner of SERNAUTO. Cecilia Medina, Training Manager of SERNAUTO, and José Maria Martin, Business Development Manager of TRIGO Spain, will be representing the two companies on workshops and on quarterly follow up meetings of the new association.