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Process Audits

Process Audits


You may need to assess your own manufacturing, logistics or service processes (1st Party Audit) or you may need resources to conduct process audits at your suppliers (2nd Party Audits). Audits typically focus on quality processes in manufacturing, logistics and other linked processes, but they can focus on technology and commodity-specific requirements as well. 


TRIGO’s experienced auditors follow standard methodologies by preparing, conducting, and following up quality or technological process audits. Our comprehensive services include audit kick-off meetings, preparation of the audited area, conducting the audit with scoring and non-conformity reporting, and validation of the action plan of the audited site or area. Implementation support of corrective action may be part of the service per client requirements. 


Typical quality process audits are VDA6.3 Process Audit or other typical automotive OEM-specific process audits like PCPA (Process Control Plan Audit). TRIGO has experienced auditors for various technological specific CQI-XX Special Process Auditing system assessments, including: 

  • CQI-9 Heat Treat 
  • CQI-11 Plating 
  • CQI-12 Coating 
  • CQI-15 Welding 
  • CQI-17 Soldering 
  • CQI-23 Molding 
  • CQI-27 Casting