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Data Analytics & AI

As data is today playing a crucial role in shaping business strategy across various industries, TRIGO has embraced its importance and incorporated it as a core aspect for quality services innovation.

By partnering with TRIGO, while adopting data-driven processes, our customers can fully leverage data analytics to make informed decisions that improve the quality of their products, improve their internal operations performance and support business growth.


TRIGO empowers its customers to fully realize the potential of their data-driven strategies. 


Manufacturing companies gather today significant amounts of quality data across several processes, multiple production sites and new product launches including:  

  • Production quality incidents and customer complaints 
  • Product returns and warranty claims  
  • Root-cause analysis and problem solving  
data driven by TRIGO global quality solution

However, they often face difficulties to extract actionable insights to pinpoint critical areas of improvement in: 

  • Early quality issues detection & preventive inspection during the launch of a new product 
  • Generation of supplier development-related actions based on patterns and recent trends  
  • Feedback to product and process development teams on design-for-quality  

Understanding of the data within its specific business context is crucial to obtain relevant insights from large and complex datasets. However, many companies may face challenges when it comes to data analytics initiatives due to a lack of expertise or resources to rigorously evaluate the data. These difficulties may result in poor project outcomes, a lack of trust in the information provided, and inadequate adoption of data-driven decision making. 

Our Solution

Our team of quality experts and experienced consultants will work closely with you to understand your unique needs and goals and develop a solution that is tailored to your specific challenge. 

Our deep understanding of the industry and a data-driven approach helps us provide a comprehensive solution integrated with our portfolio of mainstream inspection and supply chain services. Our offering includes: 

  • Descriptive & Diagnostic Analytics to uncover insights and trends that can inform your business decisions. We can also help you develop data visualization tools and dashboards to help you better understand your data. 
  • Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics which uses statistical techniques and machine learning methods to predict future outcomes and improve your processes. 
data analytics by TRIGO global quality solution

The following topics are typically covered in our customer projects:  

  • Quality Inspection: By discovering patterns and trends that point to areas where your processes may be falling short. We can also assist you in building predictive models to identify when quality issues are likely to occur, so that you can take proactive measures to prevent them. 
  • Supplier Quality Management: By assessing performance data from suppliers, allowing you to identify which suppliers are more likely to cause problems. We can also help you track supplier performance over time, so you can quickly identify when issues are beginning to arise. 
  • Root Cause Analysis: When a quality issue does occur, data analytics can support teams to quickly identify root causes by analyzing data from various sources. We can help you determine the specific factors that contributed to the problem, allowing you to make targeted changes to your processes to prevent them from happening again. 
  • Auditing: Analyzing data from audits and inspections allows you to identify areas where your processes may be falling short on auditing requirements and criteria. 

Because TRIGO is the industry leader in quality management services, our customers can benefit from our technological partnerships as well. This allows us to bring cutting-edge technologies and industry-leading expertise to our clients, giving them a competitive edge in their market. 


If you're looking to improve your quality management processes and make the most of your data, contact us today to find out more about how we can help.