Logistics Services
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TRIGO is a trusted global quality partner for manufacturing OEMs and suppliers since 1997.  Outsource your operational logistics with confidence. This includes warehousing, kitting, sequencing, packaging and repackaging. We answer your logistics needs and have the experience, professional support, and flexibility to not only deliver on customer expectations, but exceed them.


Where in the world do you need us?

Logistics key figures



  • Vendor Managed Inventory / Supplier Managed Inventory
  • Value Add Supply Chain Services
    • Kitting / Sequencing
    • Packaging & Repacking
    • Returnables / Dunnage Control
    • Sub-Assembly
  • Integrator/Consolidator Warehousing & Distribution
    • Bonded & FTZ
    • Consolidation
    • Cross Docking
  • End-to-End Supply Chain Management
    • Customs Clearance Assistance
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Fiscal Representation



TRIGO integrates a state-of-the-art system that allows you to track your logistics activities in real time.

  • Web-based supply chain inventory system 
  • Flexible & customizable
  • Connectivity capability (EDI, SAP, Oracle, etc.)
  • Full traceability
  • Practical performance reporting
  • Available 24/7
  • Unlimited users
  • Automated low or high inventory level alert system
  • Inventory cost data and reporting
  • Advanced shipping notice and Invoicing
  • Automated to you or your customers requirement, MRP, pull trigger systems
  • Unlimited transaction history (ability to go back in time to determine premium freight responsibilities)
  • Pricing management (including pricing breakdown management)
  • Engineering change management
  • Quality segregation management
  • Cost control of supply chain
  • Past requirements and shipping data analysis 



Streamline your supply chain with Vendor or Supplier Managed Inventory (VMI/SMI) services. Take advantage of TRIGO’s VMI/SMI support for local and cost-effective solutions, wherever you need us.



  • Prevent supply chain interruptions and fulfill delivery requirements just in time.
  • Bring local service to distant transactions with TRIGO logistics analysts, who serve as liaisons to protect your reputation.
  • Optimize cash flow by freeing up resources devoted to storage. Avoid the expense of racking, inventory, fork trucks and the associated safety risk of material handling.
  • Avoid premium freight by having safety stock near the customer. 
  • Focus on your revenue-generating core business and leave the warehousing to the experts.
  • Create visibility to total cost of acquisition.
  • Comply with green initiatives by utilizing returnable containers or limiting dunnage.
  • Step up line side presentation with additional services such as sub-assembly, kitting, sequencing, and repack. 
  • Protect the line and your reputation with offsite containment and rework services in our warehouses equipped with everything from gages to CMMs to derust tanks. 
  • Use as much or as little space as you need – we offer flexibility in volumes & length of term. 


  • My TRIGO analysts monitor demand and then advocate for me to help keep my shipping performance record clean.

    Supplier to a construction equipment OEM

  • I appreciate knowing that TRIGO offers sorting and rework services on top of VMI. If I have a nonconformance, TRIGO can sort my parts before they are sent to the customer, which protects my performance record.

    Supplier to a construction equipment OEM

  • We use TRIGO’s sub-assembly, sequencing and kitting services for our parts under VMI. TRIGO is available 24/7, close to our end customers, and has teams overseas to facilitate.

    Tier 1 supplier to the automotive & construction industries

  • TRIGO is like an extension of my warehouse. It’s like having flex space whenever I need it and I have complete visibility to all my parts.

    Construction equipment OEM