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Other Services


We provide a wide range of services that support quality activities with testing, calibration, analysis and measurement

Analysis & Testing

From development phase to finished product, from traditional parts validation to NDT, to EV battery testing, TRIGO has the expertise to assure the quality your customers expect.

Case Study (Engine Inspection)

Calibration & Gauge Management

Meet your calibration and measuring needs with our accredited labs according to ISO/IEC 17025:2017. Our experts have 20+ years of experience in gauge management, metrology, and other lab solutions.

Case Study (Calibration Services)

3D Measurement

Solve quality issues with advanced 3D measurement in accredited labs or on-site. We are pioneering the manufacturing space with innovative 3D technology, software, and machinery.

Case Study (3D Measurement)

Technical Design Engineering

To improve the quality of your products with the use of machines, our design engineering team will work with you in designing and producing solutions from small gauges to full production lines.

Case Study (Comprehensive Resident Engineering Service)