Our specialized team excels at handling a variety of logistics issues including inventory management, warehousing and distribution, reverse logistics and project management, securely and seamlessly.

Vendor Managed Logistics (VMI)

We securely store parts, monitor demand and deliver just-in-time. Our on-site quality containment teams are equipped and ready to deploy when and where you need us.

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Warehousing & Distribution

TRIGO logistics is your edge over the competition. We can help you streamline your supply chain -- keeping your parts and your business, moving ahead. Bonded & FTZ available in some locations, Cross Docking and Customs Clearance Assistance.

Integrator / Consolidator Services

Looking to reduce inventory and save on transportation costs? TRIGO can combine shipments from multiple suppliers in the same geographical area into larger, more economical shipping loads.

Reverse Logistics

TRIGO’s years of logistics expertise and proven reliability help you capture value and control costs through our experience in returns management, disassembly, salvage, rework, defects analysis and more.

Customs Representation

Representing the supplier in order to fulfill all tax obligations related to VAT declarations. (Registration for VAT purposes; Verification of invoices and documents; Preparation and submission of VAT and related declarations)


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  • My TRIGO analysts monitor demand and then advocate for me to help keep my shipping performance record clean.

    Supplier to a construction equipment OEM

  • I appreciate knowing that TRIGO offers sorting and rework services on top of VMI. If I have a nonconformance, TRIGO can sort my parts before they are sent to the customer, which protects my performance record.

    Supplier to a construction equipment OEM

  • We use TRIGO’s sub-assembly, sequencing and kitting services for our parts under VMI. TRIGO is available 24/7, close to our end customers, and has teams overseas to facilitate.

    Tier 1 supplier to the automotive & construction industries

  • TRIGO is like an extension of my warehouse. It’s like having flex space whenever I need it and I have complete visibility to all my parts.

    Construction equipment OEM