Implement the APQP/PPAP within the PSA SQA

Onsite training


You now know that the French manufacturer PSA has decided to change its Supplier Quality Assurance standards and to adopt for its new vehicle - projects or bodies - 2 international processes for steering these developments with suppliers:

  • APQP: Advanced Product Quality Planning
  • PPAP: Production Part Approval Process


  • Understand the context of changes in the Supplier Quality Manual (SQM) required by PSA;
  • Know all the requirements and particularities of the PSA PPAP APQP;
  • Understand the nature of PSA’s expectations in the context of a project development conducted with the APQP PPAP;
  • Know your roles and contributions, the rules of the game for the implementation of the QPPA PPAP in collaboration with your PSA interlocutors;
  • Build your action plan to implement the new requirements.


This training is mandatory by PSA at least towards the following functions of its suppliers:

  • PSA Project Manager
  • Quality Development Manager

This training is qualifying and recognized by an exam (MCQ + application exam on 3 case studies).

Pre-requisites: This training is available to people who already have a knowledge of APQP or APQP experience in projects conducted for other OEMs.


This training has be designed in collaboration with PSA

  • Pedagogy through action and situational awareness: 
    • Action, through team activities that introduce each of the training sequences;
    • Scenario, with the preparation of the APQP milestones crossing on the basis of a case study that is completed gradually.
  • Une pédagogie qui fait le lien avec le contexte réel de chacun des participants grâce à une activité de construction, Pas à Pas, de son plan personnel de Progrès. 
  • A l’issue de la formation une attestation de réussite à l’examen sera remise au stagiaire ayant réussi les épreuves de connaissance de 30mn (QCM) et d’application de 60 mn (étude de cas). 
  • Les stagiaires ayant échoué aux épreuves, recevront une attestation de présence. 
  • A pedagogy that makes the link with the real context of each participants through a construction activity of his personal plan of Progress.
  • At the end of the training a certificate of success in the examination will be given to the trainee who has passed the knowledge tests of 30mn (MCQ) and of application of 60 mn (case study).
  • Candidates who have failed the tests will receive a certificate of attendance.



  • Participant record containing the theoretical principles stated during the training and the exercise materials.