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Heavy Transportation

For more than 20 years, TRIGO has been providing quality solutions that deliver facilitated and error-free production processes for both mature and developing manufacturers and suppliers within a variety of industries, including Heavy Duty Equipment, Agricultural and Forestry Machinery, Construction and Mining, Off-Highway, Railway, and Trucking.


Comparable to automotive and aerospace, there is no place for nonconformities in heavy transportation manufacturing, where parts must be quality checked, and zero-defects must be maintained. TRIGO has the experience to support the specialized needs of these customers, including our expertise in high configuration industries.


Some of the current challenges manufacturers and suppliers within the heavy transportation manufacturing industry are facing include travel restrictions and their effects on a global supply chain, the implementation of innovative technologies including eMobility, increasing competition, new logistics business models, and digitalization of services and processes.


As a third-party solutions provider, TRIGO can be your one partner globally to solve your quality issues regardless of your position in the heavy transportation manufacturing supply chain, by offering turnkey or tailor-made quality solutions that address your specific challenges. TRIGO offers flexible, as-needed experts around the world and data-driven solutions that increase your customers’ satisfaction.