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Aerospace and Defense

The aerospace industry is facing the strictest regulations and standards among all other manufacturing industries, where quality, safety and reliability are paramount.

When an aircraft emerges from the completion center, it is the result of the on-time assembly of millions of complex parts, usually supplied from a multitude of organizations around the world.


To meet the challenge of sustaining high quality on all locations, customers may profit from the support of an independent, third party specialist partner, who—while providing tangible solutions—helps clients stay focused on their core activities.

TRIGO Group’s Aerospace business line, acting as a “One stop hub on the Quality Airway,” delivers comprehensive solutions for more than 25 years in the main aero assembly units and supplier sites across Europe, Asia and America with 1300+ expert consultants, engineers and quality technicians, providing end-to-end quality support to your operationsand suppliers.


Due to TRIGO’s aerospace and automotive blend of expertise, TRIGO Aerospace Business Line has developed a sophisticated solution delivery platform which is always ready to address the toughest quality challenges of the globalaerospace supply chain.


TRIGO technicians and engineers are located at the customer's facilities, or support your supply chain with in-country resident engineers and mobile operational teams at your suppliers' premises, delivering services worldwide at local costs.


Comprehensive service portfolio all along your supply chain:


  • Quality Management Services
    • NC Management with quality tools such as PPS, QRQC, FMEA, IPCA, APQP, SPC
    • Quality Resident Engineering network - On Demand / Part-time / Full-time 
    • Audits (Product, Process, System)
    • Supplier Quality Development
    • EHS (Environment, Health & Safety) operational surveillance
    • Quality Consulting Project (SQD strategy, AS/JQ/EN9100, ISO17025, PART145, NADCAP)
    • Training & e-Learning 


From individual consultants to full work packages, TRIGO solves your quality issues using latest quality standards and tools mixed with advanced understanding of aerospace customer expectations. Our quality management services include agreed KPIs and results-oriented approach with guaranteed onsite/offsite flexibility.  


  • Quality Inspection Services
    • Source / Pre-shipment inspection
    • Incoming Inspection next to assembly lines or at logistic warehouses
    • LAI / FAI / DVI management
    • Measurement Services (3D, Laser Tracker, Reverse Engineering)
    • Non-Destructive Testing (UT2 / PT2 / ET2)


Our quality inspectors make sure that your products meet all applicable requirements. Skills management is our business. In accordance with the technical environment (mechanical, electrical, composite, cabin, and structure) we provide the right control process performed by the best qualified staff. 




From paperless inspection to e-learning solutions, TRIGO quality services are adjusted to your needs with the right tools at the right place.  We propose fully equipped measurement platforms with integrated logistics enabling you to externalize your inspections, and focus on your core business!



TRIGO has the agility of an SME with the span of a global group, according to customer feedbacks. We earned this recognition due to our responsiveness and position as a comprehensive quality management services provider that delivers internal lean processes, best practices sharing and flexible resources. 



Quality skills management is our core business. Our specialized professional network offers the perfect quality feedback loop between shop floor technical knowledge and consultancy expertise, available on demand, part-time or full-time.  



TRIGO Aerospace’s roadmap is based on a thorough analysis of its industrial environment. Financial robustness is reached thanks to global credentials, frame agreement, best cost capabilities, balanced industrial coverage and diversified quality services portfolio.  



The way TRIGO drives its people is the key to ensure successful projects. Career evolution, mobility, cross-border initiatives are run by multi-functional teams, associated with a global project management mode under the supervision of the Business Unit staff.

Operationally, Site Managers and Team Leaders are trained to challenge their resources to provide deliverables with a continuous improvement approach.



  • Full Aircraft Fuselage Shipset Source Inspection
  • Technical Incoming Inspection
  • Supplier's Audit - Product /process
  • Supplier's Audit - Capacity workload




  • FAI // Source Inspection
  • Recovery - Quality Wall
  • 3D Control
  • EN9100 – QMS Improvement




“I would like to congratulate the TRIGO Group and its professional team for providing great service in the last years, inspecting Boeing products and lifting our supplier to the next level. The team and I are appreciate your continuous support!”

Pedro de la Lastra, BCA Supplier Quality at The Boeing Company

"I'd like to give a huge thanks to our trainer. His highly skilled knowledge, problem solving solutions and interesting presentations, have both contributed to increase our knowledge and internal motivation for performing better FMEAs."

Project Portfolio Manager at Aerospace OEM

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