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Consulting & Auditing

Crisis Management

Our experts deploy proven methodologies, working alongside clients to solve the most complex and challenging manufacturing, operational, logistics and business performance problems across multiple sectors, achieving highly sustainable return on investment.

Supplier Development & Consulting

Our services are based on 30+ years of industrial knowledge and experience supporting suppliers and OEMs in the most exacting industries. TRIGO has conducted thousands of tailored projects with local experts all over the world. We help ensure your products meet required customer timelines and strict quality requirements that will not only meet your customers' demands but also allow you to stand out from the competition.

Advanced Phase and Launch Services

Whether you need to integrate / coordinate suppliers, or just need support for your own activities, TRIGO will establish the right team of SMEs, control your deliverables and report readiness issues. We follow up and make sure issues are solved on time.

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Management System Development and Implementation (QMS, MSS)

Exceed industry and customer-specific standards. TRIGO helps you implement / maintain a proper management system and offers you consulting, auditing and training to guarantee that your organization is ready for certification.

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Capacity and Constraint Management

TRIGO can help you minimize the investment needs that result from ramp-up or increased market demand. Our comprehensive assessment (which may include a full Capacity Audit / Run@Rate) can identify / eliminate constraint, increase potential throughput and Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) to meet your market demand and avoid significant investment in machinery or tooling.

Launch Services

Quality Incident and Claim Management / Problem Solving

Avoid spills and repetitive issues that jeopardize smooth production and delivery. TRIGO quality experts are ready to manage your issues comprehensively and solve them quickly whether internal, external, upstream, or downstream in your supply chain.

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Exit Management

Eliminate Controlled Shipping (CS1 / CS2 or CSL1 / CSL2) with TRIGO Exit Management. TRIGO offers a comprehensive and effective high-level team approach to monitoring, problem-solving, and reporting to help meet exit criteria. 

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Top Critical Supplier Management

TRIGO is your partner to identify the root cause of quality, delivery disruptions, repeat failures impacting production or generating field warranty issues. TRIGO takes you from crisis back to a normal state with a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach.

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Controlled Shipping

Supplier Monitoring

Whether you are facing long-term issues with your supplier or need someone to be your eyes and ears during a crisis, TRIGO experts can deploy, monitor, and report on performance / KPIs, and identify opportunities for improvement.

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Support for Production Changes

TRIGO experts can help you successfully implement the changes that result from design or process modifications, or needed for correction of quality problems. These can be permanent, or an interim solution or deviation approval to maintain smooth production and delivery.

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Lean Management

TRIGO can increase the performance of your critical business processes based on the principles of Lean and Six Sigma. KPIs targeted for improvement can include FTQ, ppm, cycle times, OEE, and more. 

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Monitor and report


Various system, process and special auditing services are available to our partners with an extensive auditor pool and strong auditing knowledge, both project-based and on-demand.

New Supplier Assessment / Supplier Qualification

TRIGO’s experienced auditors, global footprint, and an extensive suite of service solutions can help you effectively identify and assess new suppliers as well as ensure they meet your requirements/expectations.

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Management System Audits (QMS, MSS)

In industrial supply chains, Tier 1 / Tier 2 suppliers are expected to have a 3rd Party Certification by an industrial-specific Management System model (a QMS or MSS). TRIGO subject matter experts are ready to conduct audits as an outsourced 1st Party, or at a supplier site as a 2nd Party.

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Process Audits

TRIGO’s experienced auditors follow standard methodologies by preparing, conducting, and following up with quality or technological process audits.

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Special Assessments

TRIGO is able to assess your entity / plant, or your suppliers’ site based on any tailored requirements or scope.

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ESG risk assessment

Amidst the escalating demand from multinational enterprises for comprehensive sustainability reporting, encompassing supply chain sustainability, TRIGO Group rises to the occasion with a tailored solution designed to address the evolving needs of businesses in today's responsible and transparent landscape."

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