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Battery testing & Industry 4.0

To cope with changes in the automotive market with the end of thermal engines in 2035 in Europe, TRIGO has made batteries and Industry 4.0 one of its areas of technological innovation.

To preempt this new battery production market, TRIGO uses 2 approaches with manufacturers: battery testing & analysis and Hololens virtual reality, both of which secure manufacturing and eliminate complex quality issues. 

Industry needs

Because it is such a particular field, the needs of the industry are very specific in many ways.  

For example: 

  • You need to gain competences related to quality inspection and the application of standards, 
  • You need to get certification of your activities, which includes battery high-voltage and safety training. This certification must ensure that technicians and engineers are fully aware of the specifics needed and raise the standards of battery testing across the industry 
  • You need to implement quality parameters and processes of compliance, testing and inspection, to ensure that only high-quality batteries reach the market and reduce the risk of incidents, 
  • You are facing complex and diverse quality service requests from end customers that are difficult to fulfill, given the limited experience of staff, 
  • You are looking for dealerships that are ready to repair batteries. You need to avoid unnecessary transport, made difficult due to Lithium-ion HV batteries, 
  • You are searching for reliable solutions to secure the complicated and risky task of repurposing and remanufacturing EV batteries, 
  • You are looking for partnerships and collaboration to establish an after-sales market service network.


Industry needs with innovation


Our Solutions - Battery testing & analysis

It was in China, Thailand and Korea, precursors of electric vehicles, that our teams initiated large-scale electric battery tests and analysis.

Thanks to its international presence, TRIGO is now developing and structuring its experience in securing battery production. On the one hand, via the control, analysis and repair of batteries at the manufacturers. 


battery testing lab TRIGO



On the other hand, our teams provide the various players with consultancy, engineering or training services, in order to analyze, anticipate and remedy the non-conformities identified.  

Battery training delivered by TRIGO experts helps upskilling and reskilling existing workforce as well as newcomers lacking battery know-how in the supply value chain. 


These services are involved at all stages of the production chain, from the design of the battery (prototype) to after-sales service, through production. 



TRIGO teams are trained in handling batteries. Reactive and composed of project managers, engineers, reporting experts, they: 

  • Monitor daily production targets, 
  • Diagnose non-conformities 
  • Initiates action plans to resolve the latter.

Discover insights from our EV battery expert, Attila Vitos, as he explores the critical challenge of ensuring battery quality across the entire value chain. Learn essential strategies to meet high-quality standards and build a sustainable battery ecosystem.

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The rapid electrification of the market poses this challenge: how to optimize the life cycle of batteries. With EVs having about a ten-year lifespan, manufacturers are seeking insights into the end-of-life condition of their components.


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Battery Testing

Our Solutions - Hololens Technology for training and remote assistance.



Your needs 

If a quality problem can be more or less serious, or more or less complex, it must always be solved. And its consequences are often related to the seriousness of the problem. 

At TRIGO, as part of the digital transformation of our field processes, we have developed the use of augmented reality and similar technologies, linked to artificial intelligence, to respond more quickly to the quality emergencies we are faced with.


hololens by trigo


Our Solution 

Composed of a Microsoft Hololens headset, this augmented reality device allows "see what I see" type communication. Briefly describe how it works 

Thanks to this system, operational teams can view information, parts, products and benefit from an expert's point of view, while being physically distant. They can keep their hands free to handle the parts. 

Holographic images, annotations and even PDF files can be shared with the other party. They can also highlight specific points with tools like pointers, arrows, and sticky notes. They can finally note everything that could be interesting by a system of annotations. 


Comments and corrections should be explained as early in the process as possible. If the presence of the customer is not necessary for all types of audits, the exchange with the latter based on the written comments facilitates the resolution. The correct diagnosis of problems makes it possible to guarantee high quality services. 

TRIGO: A Mixed Reality Future

Key Benefits

 Virtual reality enables remote collaboration, providing real-time insight into the field through live demonstrations. 

Because it reduces travel, VR is also a real means of sharing with remote teams in subsidiaries, for example. New solutions, new tools or innovative practices can then be demonstrated, in a more interactive way than through videos or presentations. 

  • Reduced carbon footprint 
  • Reduced non-quality resolution time 
  • Reduction of non-quality processing costs 

Use Case

Hololens technology was initially used at TRIGO during the Covid-19 crisis in 2020.

Our consultants based in the United Kingdom and Morocco could not travel due to the health restrictions then in force, so they used virtual reality to manage a consulting project.

Seeing the effectiveness of the tool to guarantee the realization of this project, TRIGO decided to include it on its various reception sites.