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Software Quality

To cope with the increasing presence of embedded electrical and electronic components in cars, TRIGO has developed an efficient offer to specifically manage software quality. 


Whether in the launch, mass production or after-sales phase, parts or software failures can occur on electrical and electronic components or on vehicles.  

These failures must be dealt with as quickly as possible, wherever the need arises, in the OEM's factory, on the vehicle's storage premises or at the dealerships. 

It is also key to be able to anticipate breakdowns, so as not to penalize production and to resolve the root causes of these breakdowns.

Finally, coordinating the relationship between OEMs and manufacturers and ensuring their satisfaction remains a major challenge to improve the performance of the entire chain.

Our Solution - Component reflash

Our component reflash solution allows the user to update the software version of the component so that it integrates the latest evolutions desired by the customer. 


The update is done through the ECU connector. This system communicates with the different electronic control units by CAN and drives the product in all types of configurations: degraded, factory, customer.

This process is ensured by hardware elements that are more efficient thanks to the control of the communication protocol.

reflashing component

The TRIGO reflash stations allow:

  •     Improved efficiency: 
  •     The ability to update several components at the same time,
  •     Standardization of the reflash process to eradicate as much as possible low added value tasks (unnecessary movements, ergonomics) 
  •     Improved traceability by highlighting the following information: product reference/software version/update date,
  •     Guaranteed robustness and reliability of the reflash: 
  •     Despite temporary interventions, the standardized process ensures the repeatability of actions,
  •     Human intervention during the reflash operation is reduced (lock)

The versatility/security of the operations, which also leads to the implementation of preventive measures to avoid industrial risks


reflashing trigo solution


ESD protection


TRIGO's component reflash is an effective, widely deployable solution to significantly reduce quality problems in the industry. It is the promise for manufacturers to have at their fingertips an operational technology that contributes to the optimization of their production lines. 

Our Solution - The "flying doctors"

TRIGO's "flying doctors", engineers and technicians, experts in cutting-edge technology, can intervene at any time, anywhere in the world, regardless of the stage of development of the project (development, pre-production, after the launch of a new model up to the warranty). 


Their role: to identify, repair and diagnose the root cause of an incident or breakdown on a vehicle. More specifically, they follow up on projects related to the development of electric vehicles and support operations. They participate in the development and reliability of new vehicle models and are responsible for implementing reactive and corrective protocols in close collaboration with the manufacturer or supplier's quality teams. The latter then implements the corrective solutions. 


In addition, TRIGO's "flying doctors" carry out vehicle tests on the track and then on the road until the problem is fully understood. 

flying doctor TRIGO global quality solution

Examples of TRIGO flying doctors' interventions: the vehicle does not start. 


The flying doctors identify the root cause. Several reasons can be identified:


     Incompatibilities between the software of the different ECUs. 

    The technical limits of the components. These could not be fully tested during the development phase. This stage cannot represent all the real conditions of use in a vehicle.


TRIGO's "flying doctors" are in direct contact with the technological development in the factories. They are the link between our customers and the field teams so that the latter can benefit from rapid and precise expertise on state-of-the-art technologies. They can support our customers' teams to remedy a quality non-conformity on assembly lines. Thanks to their actions, processes and preventive models can be deployed in the shortest possible time, anywhere in the world.

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