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Exit Management

Exit Management


TRIGO Exit Management is a method to eliminate Controlled Shipping (typically referred to in automotive and heavy transportation industries as CS1 / CS2 or CSL1 / CSL2). As such, Exit Management may also be called CS3 or CSL3. Some OEMs may use other terminology or combine with systematic and comprehensive problem solving and reporting (such as Q-Help 2 / Q-Help 3, for example).


Exit Management can be used during Early Production Containment (or Safe Launch), where monitoring and guaranteed exit criteria are necessary. 


The toolset of Exit Management is similar to Problem Solving. A high-level team approach is used, but here the validation of corrective actions (CARs) is automatically linked to a TRIGO managed containment station, while systemic incident charts with Pareto analysis and feedback to problem-solving engineers are key.


TRIGO uses a Fast Response Board to track and communicate each failure and guarantee that the containment station is not eliminated until all problems are solved.


FMEA analysis and systematic update, together with Control Plan and Standard Work Instructions, are part of the process until robust PPAP approval is guaranteed