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Quality Incident and Claim Management / Problem Solving

Quality Incident and Claim
Management / Problem Solving


Fixing quality, delivery, or material handling issues promptly is key in serial production or during product and process development in order to avoid spills and repetitive issues that jeopardize smooth production and delivery. Problems need to be managed simultaneously, whether internal, external, upstream or downstream in your supply chain.


TRIGO quality experts are ready to support you by focusing on 6 key steps:

  • Identify and define the problem (4W/1H or 5W/2H)
  • Establish appropriate containment (Q-gate, Alert, pipeline purge)
  • Analyze and identify root-causes on technical and systemic levels in occurrence and non-detection area (using various techniques like Ishikawa, 5 Whys, Fault Tree, Shainin, and more)
  • Contribute to action items to eliminate the root-causes
  • Validate the effectiveness of the actions
  • Institutionalize the solution to avoid recurrence (lessons learned, quality planning update, LPA update, and more)


High-level systemic problem solving may require establishing Fast Response or QRQC methodology at the plant level which TRIGO experts can handle for you.