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APQP PPAP STELLANTIS v2022: New qualifying training by TRIGO

TRIGO has just been named by STELLANTIS as Master Trainer and training organization on the new APQP PPAP STELLANTIS v2022 standard.
Due to its qualified trainers located in more than 15 countries, TRIGO is able to conduct local & remote training sessions worldwide, to ensure maximum satisfaction to our customers and our partner STELLANTIS, with native language, local culture, and cost-effective solutions.
APQP and PPAP methodologies are used by most of the automotive and aeronautical OEMs to control and monitor their suppliers, during the project development and mass production phases, to get the right parts at the right time.

APQP Process - TRIGO GROUP - Stellantis

STELLANTIS has chosen to apply the APQP and PPAP methodologies with its customized requirements and with its own complete documentation. 

APQP PPAP STELLANTIS v2022 is the merger of the ex-PSA and ex-FCA methodologies.

The implementation of this new common reference system will be done progressively, according to the new vehicle programs, while continuing to use the ex-PSA and ex-FCA standards for some launches in the coming years.

TRIGO was already the Master Trainer of the APQP PPAP STELLANTIS (ex-PSA) v2015 training, through its affiliate EURO-SYMBIOSE. We would like to thank the STELLANTIS teams who have renewed their trust in us by mandating us to develop this new qualifying training, which is mandatory for all project managers and quality managers of STELLANTIS suppliers.


This new training will be delivered in two versions: 

•    APQP PPAP STELLANTIS v2022 - 2 days: initial training

•    APQP PPAP STELLANTIS v2022 - TRANSITION - 1 day - for those already qualified with the APQP PPAP STELLANTIS (ex-PSA) v2015 training

APQP PPAP Stellantis x TRIGO GROUP - Quality solutions

It should be noted that the APQP PPAP STELLANTIS (ex-PSA) v2015 training will continue to be required for suppliers working on vehicle programs using the ex-PSA standards.
To know the APQP PPAP standards applied to your project, "APQP PPAP ex-PSA v2015" or the new "APQP PPAP STELLANTIS v2022", please refer to the SQM of your tender file or ask your STELLANTIS contact person.

We are ready to train your Teams!
The first training sessions APQP PPAP STELLANTIS v2022 started at the end of August.

For more information: contact us through our website 

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New qualifying Training - TRIGO has been assigned as Master Trainer & Training Service provider by STELLANTIS
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  • 3 Oct 2022

New qualifying Training - TRIGO has been assigned as Master Trainer & Training Service provider by STELLANTIS