At TRIGO, we not only promote but firmly believe in our ESG policy that ensures our involvement in corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

Our ESG policy: Think globally, act locally

We aim to nurture an interconnected community that celebrates diversity across all 25+ of our countries. As we think globally by committing to positive collaboration and team spirit, we act locally by taking concrete and conscious actions. We do this with constant improvements to our internal processes starting from role of governance.

Why do we need corporate social responsibility?

Today, we live in a world that operates by economic performance, innovation, and competition. As a global Quality service provider in the most demanding industries, we recognize that our collective actions have great impacts. We give back to the community and help nurture our environment for the success of future generations, embedding our ESG policy in all that we do, one step at a time.

Rotary TRIGO donates to Rotary in Thailand

TRIGO supports those in need in Thailand by donating to Rotary International for the second time. 

Rotary India TRIGO contributes to a better India

TRIGO donated to Rotary International as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility campaign in 2017.

aviation sans frontieres TRIGO Boards Humanitarian Flight

TRIGO Group commits to support Aviation Sans Frontières, a non-governmental organization which offers crucial aviation support to more than 180 organizations, providing fast and effective humanitarian aid.

European Disability Employement Week TRIGO to Celebrate European Disability Employment Week

TRIGO France has joined the initiative to foster equal employment, and committed to facilitate the employment of people living with disabilities.