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Inspection & Containment

Inspection and Containment Services

Managing a global supply base with increasing product complexity, demands support in meeting quality expectations.

TRIGO ensures quality throughout your supply chain by carefully selecting and training our teams to provide a practical approach and customizable solution which monitors inspection activities in real-time.

Sorting & Containment

When you have a quality issue, TRIGO teams around the world react, quickly deploying to the supplier, OEM, or offsite facility.  You retain control and visibility with online reporting through our TRIGO Customer Portal.

Case Study (Engine Containment & Rework)

Incoming Inspection

Catch quality issues before they hit your assembly line. TRIGO applies sophisticated predictive analysis to your quality gate, maximizing the effectiveness of skip lot inspection. We can design a turnkey or tailored solution that may ultimately pay for itself.

Case Study (Technical Incoming Inspection)

Pre-Shipment or Source Inspection

Pre-shipment (automotive), or Source (aerospace) inspection ensures a smooth production process. Our customized inspection procedure can be conducted at the supplier or elsewhere in the supply chain before shipping to the customer.

Case Study (Source Inspection I)

Preventive Inspection

Preventive Inspection validates the effectiveness of a supplier’s quality control process. Inspection is customized to help recognize failures and enable improvements that increase the end customer’s satisfaction.


Firewalls (CSL 1, CSL 2, GP-12)

Firewall services drive solutions to quality issues right to their source. TRIGO helps improve reputations by working closely with both the supplier and OEM to ultimately render our services unnecessary with sustainable process improvements.

PPAP/FAI Management

TRIGO ensures specifications are fully implemented and the supplier’s manufacturing process is efficient. We help you fulfill the requested production rate by conducting the inspection, testing, and measurement of your essential PPAP/FAI validation process.

Case Study (FAI // Source Inspection)

Vehicle / System Testing

With responsiveness, traceability and real-time reporting, TRIGO validates that your products exceed quality, sustainability, safety, and performance standards. TRIGO’s professional test pilots are carefully selected and trained per your specifications.

Case Study (Test Driving for Product Launch)

Vehicle Inspection at Dealers

TRIGO is your answer to quality problems on finished vehicles. TRIGO’s network of quality professionals inspect vehicles on their way to or at the dealer and repair or replace the problematic parts or perform a system upgrade or reflash.

Case Study (Flying Reworkers)

Vehicle Testing

FOD and Safety Inspection

Physical surveillance to avoid FOD. Safety rules application.

Pre-delivery Inspection

Final check before the end customer takes over
(Example: OEM to Airline)

Flight Test Quality Support

Perform all production tasks & associated quality tasks. Release the A/C "good for flight"

Configuration Control

Collect & control all the configuration conformity documentation (Assemblies, Aircrafts,...)

Pre Delivery Inspection