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Exit Management (CS3) / Recovery Plan

Exit Management (CS3) / Recovery plan

Exit Management and Recovery Plan are enhanced Quality Incident Management processes with special tools and the monitoring of Controlled Shipping exit criteria.


CSL3 (Controlled Shipping Level 3) / Recovery plan contains the characteristics of CSL2 (general inspection by the service provider and an additional one by an independent third-party), however, in the case of CSL3, it is supplemented with a recovery plan. 


TRIGO offers:


  • Comprehensive exit engineering
  • Containment plan that leads to whole recovery
  • High risk factor – reputation restoration
  • As client’s quality costs are already high, plan focuses on cost-effectiveness



TRIGO tasks and deliverables:


  • Clarification of scope with the client, initiation of QBC (Quality Business Case)
  • Three-fold project kick-off with the customer and its selected supplier (TRIGO client can be either the Customer or the Supplier itself)
  • Definition of exit criteria and contract sign-off
  • Establishment of cross-functional team
  • Process audit at the supplier (see auditing services), including the review of PFMEA, CP and special characteristics
  • Initiation of containment activities with agreed reporting frequency
  • Root-cause analysis of defects
  • Action plan and roadmap for solution
  • Establishing and systematical tracking of Problem Solving Monitoring Board
  • Establishment and verification of irreversible corrective actions



Client’s benefits (service-specific):


  • Structured, TRIGO-made frame of supplier development, including the Problem Solving Monitoring Board, 8D reports with deep-dive root-cause analysis and list of Corrective Action Plans with responsibilities and timing 
  • High focus on problem solving and risk reduction (PFMEA RPN and criticality review)
  • Elimination of customer requested Controlled Shipping Station