Capacity Management

The fact that companies are struggling with on time delivery is not only because of quality reasons. Such causes may occur because of logistics, or manufacturing capacity gaps (e.g. low overall equipment effectiveness). By running a capacity management project, TRIGO experts find the gaps and constraints, and provide proposals to eliminate them.


TRIGO tasks and deliverables


  • Clarification of scope, creation of PBC (Project Business Case)
  • Process mapping based on LEAN and Six Sigma principles (VSM, SIPOC, DMAIC), OEE calculation in case of a manufacturing process is investigated
  • Gathering supporting data from client
  • Evaluation of “before” conditions, identification of existing gaps
  • Collection of quality, manufacturing and logistics data
  • Execution of Run@Rate audit
  • Definition of actions and proposals, creation of roadmap, theoretical calculation of improvement
  • Detailed reporting (gaps and proposed measures)
  • Lessons learned


Client’s benefits (service-specific)


  • Third party, “out of the box” vision of existing processes
  • Process improvement by experts with practical knowledge and experience
  • Fast project start with qualified and accessible experts
  • Sophisticated process- and capacity mapping solutions to identify operational gaps
  • Bottleneck and constraint identification and mitigation of impacts
  • Throughput increase without major investment



Change Management

  • Production / Business Transfer Management
  • Comprehensive product and process change coordination